Grant assists library with installing new fire system

| September 9, 2020 1:00 AM

A grant from Flathead Electric Co-op’s Roundup for Safety recently assisted in paying for a new fire alarm system for the Whitefish Community Library building.

The Whitefish Library Association applied for the grant to help replace the system, which had become obsolete.

“The library would like to publicly thank WLA for applying for the grant, with a special thank you to Flathead Electric Co-op for their continued support not only of the Whitefish Community Library but for all nonprofits concerned about the safety of their patrons,” said Joey Kositzky, director of the library.

The grant from FEC was $7,500 and the library paid the remainder of the almost $4,000 needed for the new system.

The library building is 22 years old and the old fire control panel and fire system devices had become obsolete.

Kositzky said the fire control panel and parts connected to it, the smoke detectors, notification devices, which were not ADA compliant, were all more than 22 years old and replacement parts were no longer available from the original manufacturer making it necessary for the replacement.

“Thanks to FEC the new fire alarm system has been installed and should give the library years of trouble-free service and peace of mind knowing that the building and occupants are safely protected,” Kositzky said.