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Looking Back for Oct. 14

Whitefish Pilot | October 14, 2020 1:00 AM

10 years ago

Oct. 14, 2010

Local mountain bikers Clint Muhlfeld and Ben Parsons won the 2010 US 24-hour National Mountain bike Championship in the pro men’s duo category. The race was held in Moab, Utah and was considered the nation’s top ultra-endurance mountain bike race.

20 years ago

Oct. 12, 2000

“A suicidal moose sacrificed itself to feed hungry people in the North Valley.” A moose charged a vehicle, the impact broke off an antler and killed the moose. The meat from the moose supplied at least 400 pounds of meat to the North Valley Food Bank in Whitefish.

30 years ago

Oct. 11, 1990

Big Mountain was eyeing a Hell Roaring expansion, planning to eventually open up 150 more acres of groomable runs to the west of the ski area in the Hell Roaring Drainage. The resort was planning to seek Forest Service approval.

40 years ago

Oct. 16, 1980

A dog named Bishop who was born at the Harry Moore farm near Whitefish was making his mark in dog show business. Earl Karl, the dog’s owner, taught Bishop tricks and eventually he was performing in Spokane, Washington.

50 years ago

Oct. 15, 1970

The first measurable snow of the season fell on The Big Mountain which lent a sense of urgency for the winter season. The resort was offering family plan season tickets for $77.50 for a parent and $55 for each child.

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