Masks keep business open

| July 22, 2020 1:00 AM

Everyone needs to take responsibility and establish a mandatory mask mandate for Whitefish. The health of our staff, family and our community is of the highest priority.

Our local businesses throughout the valley can not afford a business shutdown. Especially for the summer season. The few upset people about mandatory masks doesn’t begin to compare with the economic impact of a community quarantine business shut down.

People are coming from everywhere and when the virus comes to the valley this summer season. It’s better to be safe than being really sorry,

We are in our second spike of the virus here in Austin. It is due to people gathering and not wearing masks. There will be serious business failures with this second semi-quarantine happening in Texas.

RC and Beth Beall live in Austin, Texas. RC is founder of Montana Coffee Traders and Texas Coffee Traders.

Editor’s Note: This letter was submitted before both the City of Whitefish and the state implemented a mandatory requirement to wear masks in public.