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Looking Back for July 1

| July 1, 2020 1:00 AM

A weekly look at past Whitefish Pilot articles, compiled by Daniel McKay.

10 years ago

June 24, 2010

A waterskiing and slalom course on Whitefish Lake sparked some amusement and concern from the town. The course was set up in Monks Bay just south of The Lodge at Whitefish Lake, though there was no association between the two. The course consisted of dozens of buoys connected with PVC pipe and was totally legal, but still worried some homeowners.

20 years ago

June 22, 2000

Whitefish was looking at making a full-time gig out of the animal control officer position after a number of concerned residents wrote complaints about uncontrolled dogs around the city. Those who wrote in said there was too much dog waste, barking and uncontrolled activity in town. The city in May issued 106 citations for dogs on the loose.

30 years ago

June 21, 1990

The construction of the Whitefish viaduct was temporarily put on hold after the Montana Department of Highways made plans to clean up diesel contamination in the area. The department needed to purchase the right of way to the area near the viaduct, and the cleanup involved removing petroleum hydrocarbons from groundwater in the surrounding land.

40 years ago

June 26, 1980

The Whitefish Lake Golf Club was searching for the vandal that damaged the practice greens outside the main building. Someone appeared to have driven a vehicle on the green and spent at least five to 10 minutes spinning donuts in the grass.

50 years ago

June 28, 1970

Whitefish Police were in the middle of two deadly investigations. In one, a prominent Whitefish businessman died after he was thrown from his boat after a collision on Whitefish Lake. In another, a horse near Blanchard Lake appeared to have been caught in the crossfire during a bout of gopher-hunting by some local youngsters.

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