New guidelines ready as course set to open

| April 21, 2020 11:57 AM

Opening soon

Players are advised to watch the golf website,, as we get closer to an opening day at the course. We appreciate all our anxious golfers for being patient as we get your course ready and our staff up and running to meet the new demands for safe golf. Once again you will find the course in fantastic shape from day one.

Golf’s new Covid-19 guidelines

With opening of Whitefish Lake Golf Club coming soon we ask that all our players strictly follow some new expectations so we can all enjoy our favorite outdoor activity in a safe manner. The 6-foot physical distancing rule will be strictly enforced by our staff at all times. Please plan to arrive at the golf course just prior to your tee time and then proceed to the tee when it is your turn. Players will notice, to further protect the spacing, we have switched, for now, to a 10 minute interval between tee times. What we are aiming for could be labeled as “park and play,” in other words the traditional social gathering associated with the game will be minimized. Please go to our website, to read the full list of COVID-19 related safe guards to protect the players and staff during the unique times.

Golf cart use

All golf cart use, during pandemic, will be single use unless you are with an immediate family member. This will apply to rental carts and private ones as well. Obviously we take seriously the highly contagious nature of the COVID-19 virus and will do our best to stop the spread. Rental cart rates will be charged as a single rider, please observe this throughout your round.

Support greatly appreciated

Whitefish Lake Golf Club and restaurant really appreciate our community for all the support for taking advantage of the takeout and delivery services from the restaurant. Menus are changed daily and posted on the WLR website and on Instagram. The Golf Shop too thanks those of you who have purchased your preferred rewards cards or gift cards from the Golf Shop.

Bend, don’t reach

Too often we see players addressing the ball and reaching out away from their body thinking this will give them more power. If you reach too far you create a flat swing that results in either a hook or slice and not the best swing plane. It is better to bend at your hips to create a good posture and then have your arms simply hang down at about 6 inches from your body. If you set up this way your arms and shoulders will move naturally, and you will not have to make any adjustments during the swing to redirect the club. Foundations make for strong structures and this is true with a golf swing as well.