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Police Calls: Fugitive game players cause rash of calls to police

| October 18, 2023 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

Sept. 29

A business on Baker Avenue experienced a false alarm but had trouble getting the alarm to shut off.

Sept. 30

The owner of a lost, then found, wallet came to the police station to retrieve it.

A visible fuel leak was reported on Central Avenue and the caller said he could smell it.

A nearby wedding celebration on Barnes Ranch Road was shaking the caller’s windows and he would like someone to do something about it.

There was a complaint made about a possible drunk driver on Highway 93.

On Woodland Place, a bunch of kids were running around and driving really fast through the neighborhood. The caller said he was not aware high school kids were playing fugitive.

Twenty minutes later on Lupfer Avenue, the kids playing fugitive were doing a lot of screaming and running through backyards. A car also pulled away really fast.

Also on Lupfer, there was a report of kids yelling and screaming and running house to house. Teens in a Dodge pickup dropped off two teens who commenced running around.

A report of vandalism on Edgewood Place involved a slashed tire, and a broken side view mirror.

Back on Lupfer Avenue, the caller accepted the “fugitive” game explanation but would like law enforcement to visit the area because the kids are speeding.

Someone was shooting fireworks at the fugitive players and they were last seen driving on Voerman Road.

Someone was being loud and cussing. There was a group of about five people in the hotel room on Highway 93 and it was unknown which person was being disruptive, but it is thought it was a male in his mid-20s who was very intoxicated and belligerent.

There was a report of a robbery of a food truck.

After three people were allegedly kicked out of one bar on Central Avenue, they were told to leave another bar after they were fighting there.

Two boys, one with large sunglasses and the other in a blue hoodie were threatening guests at a location on Highway 93.

Oct. 1

The caller found a knife slit in the sidewall of his tire and boot prints on the vehicle on Edgewood Place.

A husky-type dog in a smaller black vehicle in the parking garage had been whining and the caller thought it looked weak. Police checked on the dog and found no signs of distress.

Oct. 2

Someone on Meadowlark Lane asked police if Whitefish was citing people for not using bear proof trash cans.

A male in a Honda slammed on his brakes at an intersection, got out of his vehicle and screamed at the caller, who was driving a dump truck and could barely stop in time. The male returned to his vehicle and continued driving down Highway 40.

The caller has video of several subjects running through several yards on Columbia Avenue.

The owner of a vehicle that was blocking a handicap space on Spokane Avenue was advised to move his vehicle.

An older, black pickup was seen traveling at a high speed on Central Avenue.

A man seen walking on Second Street and using a golf club to balance himself nearly fell into traffic.

A male who looked like he was on something and trying to figure out his car was then seen driving all over the road on Highway 93.

A silver Jeep Cherokee with Oregon plates was swerving all over the road on Sixth Street.

A vehicle blocking a fire hydrant was removed.

Oct. 3

Someone trying to turn their phone on accidentally dialed 911.

A motorist on Edgewood Place reported seeing gray smoke coming from multiple places in the roof of a house on Armory Road.

A caller on Second Street said his neighbor was working on his car and making a lot of noise at 11:43 p.m. Upon investigation, there was no noise and no one was seen working on a vehicle.

Trash cans on Miles Avenue were tipped over by bears.

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