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Police Calls: “Willy-nilly” speeders reported

| June 7, 2023 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

May 18

A reckless driver in a black 4Runner was “all over the road” on Highway 93 and had a taillight out, too.

Although the caller said there is an ongoing issue with big trucks blocking the sidewalk on Lupfer Avenue, upon inspection by law enforcement, no parking infractions were seen at that time.

The property manager wanted to talk about having a vehicle towed from a reserved spot after it had been there for 20 minutes.

A GMC Yukon rolled over some rocks and damaged its undercarriage.

A couple men who appeared to be setting up camp for the night north of Pine Avenue were advised of the camping ordinance.

A dog was found and delivered to the police station.

May 19

Children playing with a phone were responsible for accidentally dialing 911.

A box truck for ice delivery ran into a building and caused some damage at a business on Highway 93.

Someone sat on their Apple watch and accidentally dialed 911.

A citizen on Star Meadow Road thought he found some human bones but the crime lab confirmed they were not human.

A male became belligerent and was using vulgar language after he was upset with how he was treated with his three-legged service dog at a store on Highway 93.

A skateboarder was giving a verbal warning for skateboarding downtown.

The driver of a Chevy Tahoe was given a warning for crossing the center line and improper lane use on Second Street.

A man who was believed to be intoxicated was crawling across Central Avenue.

May 20

A man accidentally pocket dialed 911 while he was coaching soccer. Another man did the same while mowing his lawn and a third pocket dialed from a brewery within a couple hours of each other. The day recorded 9 accidental 911 calls.

A wallet that was lost during the marathon was found.

The caller said “weekend warrior” drivers were speeding “willy-nilly” on Baker Avenue and went on to say they were “speeding like it’s a race.”

There was some noise coming from a property near Marina Crest Lane but the people were advised of the city ordinance and said they would keep it down.

May 21

A Samsung tablet was found and turned in to authorities.

There was a dog at large on Skyles Place.

Before an intoxicated male took a friend’s car from the location on Wisconsin Avenue, he was getting aggressive with the parking attendant.

Some pedestrians on Wisconsin Avenue had to be advised to use the walking path rather than the middle of the road.

May 22

The owners of a pop-up camper trailer that has been parked on Brimstone Drive for the past two weeks said they would move the trailer.

A resident called to thank the police department for their service and for catching the speeders in an area of Highway 93.

A responsible citizen reported seeing a male grab a dog aggressively and throw him into a vehicle in a parking lot on Highway 93.

A group of boys were seen on the top of the parking garage and they were reportedly yelling at pedestrians.

May 23

The reckless driver of a Chevy Colorado was seen passing cars unsafely and speeding on Armory Road.

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