Sunday, May 28, 2023

Stop Banning Books and Truth

| May 25, 2022 1:00 AM

Dear Extreme Conservative voters and legislators,

How would you like it if your children were no longer welcome in our schools because their eyes are blue? Or their skin is white? Or the open-minded Americans of mixed heritage refused to have their children taught the truth about the horrible discrimination Irish and German immigrants endured? Ignoring the rights of others and imposing your religious-based beliefs on everyone is unacceptable and against the principles of the foundation of the United States.

Across our country, we live in divided prejudiced environments being further damaged by actions impairing the education of all our children. Banning books and removing them from schools and libraries is unconscionable. Not teaching age-appropriate sex education is wrong. What is the difference between these attitudes and 1930s Germany?

Our educators must be allowed to teach accurate history, practice equality and teach young Americans how to discern fact from fallacy. We cannot allow public education to be contaminated and reduced to narrow religious conservative views. Furthermore, no public funds should ever be spent on non-public religiously biased schools.

The United States was founded on the principle of separation of Church and State. Unfortunately, this line has been crossed in every aspect of American life. Vote for change.

Betty Kuffel, MD FACP, Whitefish

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