Sunday, May 28, 2023

Agriculture is economic backbone of state

| May 11, 2022 1:00 AM

As a Montana farmer, I am deeply concerned about the anti-natural resource policies of the Biden Administration. Agriculture is the economic backbone of our state, and his policy decisions are causing serious issues for Montana's agriculture industry.

The struggle to pay skyrocketing prices for essentials like fuel and fertilizer, plus inflation and supply chain issues is very serious.

I am pleased to see that Congressman Matt Rosendale has signed onto a letter sent to President Biden with concern over these issues. The livelihoods of thousands of Montanans are in jeopardy due to the actions of the Federal Administration. It's good to know that we have someone standing up for us in Wahington.

Although these issues are impacting farmers and ranchers in a specific way, all Montanans should be concerned about this. People are already paying more to heat their homes, fuel their vehicles, and put food on the family table. It will only get worse if the President doesn't act to address these issues.

Thanks to Congressman Rosendale for standing up for Montana agriculture.

Former State Senator Terry Murphy, Cardwell, Montana

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