Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Tee to Green: Golf course moving closer to remodel

| June 15, 2022 12:00 AM


Wet Conditions and Carts

All cart drivers should be mindful of wet conditions and avoid them to prevent damage to the course. Compaction is one of the biggest threats to turf quality and carts are big contributors, especially in extreme wet or even hot and dry conditions. You will always see evidence of damage caused by compaction where carts tend to enter and leave the cart paths in the same location. This is becoming very obvious on hole two of the North Course, so please vary your entry point.

Moving Closer to the Remodel

Progress is being made as we move through the planning and approval process for the Club House renovation project. Last week we were approved by the Architectural Review Committee, the Council and Site Planning division. Construction is scheduled to begin around the first of October this year and be finished before we open in the spring of 2023. As most know, the biggest changes will be seen with the removal of the current bag storage area, which will close in September of this year. The new plans call for the addition of two new golf simulators, offices, relocated restrooms and hopefully better access for the restaurant servers to reach the deck and lounge areas. The new building will occupy the same foot print as the current site. Look for new information and drawings to be posted as we finalize the plans.

Inconsistent Iron Shots

This is one of the areas I struggle with recently and for the most part it boils down to swing path and not making a good shoulder turn. Some players get stuck on the idea of swinging too much on an in to out swing path and take the club back too far inside creating an over the top swing or getting stuck and blocking the shots. Take the club back low and slow and pretty much straight back and create this move with a big shoulder and core turn. Before the down swing feel a slight pause and feel like the club just drops down and gains speed as it gets to the contact point. As Mike Dowaliby always said, “make a firm turn.” Turn to you feel it, which comes earlier as we age.

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