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Glass recycling event in Columbia Falls

Hungry Horse News | June 8, 2022 1:00 AM

Citizens for a Better Flathead has partnered with Flathead Recon, a Columbia Falls-based glass recycling operation, to put on a glass recycling event on Saturday, June 25. Stop by 555 4th Ave North East, Columbia Falls, and drop off your glass recycling between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. See a map at for additional directions as this site can be hard to find.

The suggested donation is between 50 cents and $1 per pound of glass recycling you bring. Glass needs to be clean, color sorted, and all plastic rings and caps removed.

For Flathead Valley residents, it’s been challenging to find a way to recycle glass over the years because many places that once did it have either stopped or gone out of business. Flathead Recon owner Dave Fishlowitz purchased a glass pulverizer with the goal of diverting good materials from the landfill toward reuse.

“I have watched the landfill grow from a pit in the ground to a growing mountain of garbage visible from all around. Landfill space is expensive and together we can make it last longer. We have the opportunity to do innovative things to divert construction materials, organics, and recyclables out of our landfills. We just have to muster the volition to do so,” Fishlowitz said.

Flathead Recon is currently the only glass recycling facility in the valley and you are only able to drop off glass at scheduled events such as this one. Glass-recycling facilities in Montana are few and far between, and Fischlowitz’s operation diverts glass away from landfills and repurposes the material for local landscapers or concrete manufacturers.

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