Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Tee to Green

by Terry Nelson
| June 1, 2022 1:00 AM

New staff members

While for the most part, the Golf Course has had a small turnover in staffing this season, there are some new faces, especially in the starter shack. With that in mind please take the time to introduce yourself to the new staff. They need to learn to put names to faces as we get busier and busier during the season so they can identify the members and offer better service.

Twosomes may be joined

When we are booking for only two people we need to be aware that it is likely that we will be joined by another couple of people to fill out the foursome. Playing in a group of four is the standard for pace of play and if you are only a twosome you can expect to wait if the course is full, as it is going into the busy season. Our starters will start being more cognizant of joining groups to better accommodate all the requests for tee times.

Stop coming over the top

Coming over the top is a common swing fault that occurs when your right shoulder (for right-hand players) juts out ahead and creates a swing path that goes from the outside to in. The result is a dead pull or a bad slice, depending on the face angle at impact. Taking the club too far to the inside on the backswing causes coming over the top. To compensate for having the club behind you, you naturally throw the club outward and come over the top. The other cause is simply swinging too hard and trying to power the ball with your arms and shoulders. Be aware of these faults, and it will help you fix them rather easily. Slicing the ball may be as simple as incorrect or too weak of a grip.

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