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Partridge sighting a rare treat

| January 5, 2022 1:00 AM

On Monday, Dec. 20 I made a routine visit to Super1. When I got near the barbershop there were two cars stopped in front of me. The driver in the car in front of me was looking over to his left. Naturally, I looked too.

There on the ground were three birds of a type I had never before seen in the wild. They were somewhat larger than most of your usual neighborhood variety. And they were very cute. They were staying close together and were safe from parking lot traffic close to a fire hydrant.

They all were happily pecking into the snow for whatever was there that looked appetizing. They were to my amazement, partridges. I checked my bird identification book when I arrived home and sure enough, that’s exactly what they were. What they were doing in Whitefish I have no idea. I have lived in Montana since 1972 and have never once seen a partridge.

One week before Christmas made it seem even more incredible. I knew there had to be a pear tree nearby somewhere. They were beautiful brown partridges and apparently this part of Montana is included within their range. It wasn’t long before they moved under cars parked in the lot and were out of sight. The sightings of partridges at Christmas time were a rare treat and had to be an omen for a wonderful Christmas.

Gene Gemignani, Whitefish

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