Monday, May 23, 2022

Support for Friess in commissioner race

| April 27, 2022 1:00 AM

I am pleased to offer my full and heartfelt support for Brian Friess, as he runs for the office of County Commissioner, here in Flathead County. I have known Brian for several years and gotten to know him and his family well during that time.

Flathead County has some tall tasks to meet. We are seeing massive growth in the population, as well as home prices and rent. Infrastructure is becoming heavily burdened with this growth. There are a number of education and community topics that have become of significant interest in the past few years as well. Thoughtful, steady and innovative leadership is always needed, but ever more in the times we live in.

I know Brian will be able to provide these qualities of leadership, in addition to many others he also has. I have always found Brian to be an exceptional man of faith. His ethics and character have always set a high bar when it comes to morals. He is a diligent worker and loving father, working hard to provide for his family over the years.

Again, our county is currently facing some significant circumstances and probably other unforeseen ones in the future. For success in meeting these needs, we need great leadership and vision to get in front of some of those challenges. Brian can do that and collaborate with other leaders to meet these challenges head-on. Good leadership is being a good leader when that is needed and knowing how to be a good supporter other times when that is needed. Good leadership always looks to serve others first. All of these reasons are why I support Brian Friess for Flathead County Commissioner.

Justin Burt, Kalispell