Sunday, September 26, 2021

Election of officers next month for WLGC

| September 15, 2021 1:00 AM

Election of Officers for WLGC

There are now four candidates for the two upcoming open seats on the Whitefish Lake Board of Directors. Absentee ballots will become available on Oct. 2 in the Golf Shop for tier one members to vote for two of the candidates for the board. As changes are planned for the club house, having the best board members to make decisions is always important for the future of the club. We appreciate all the candidates that have tossed their name into the ring and are willing to serve on the board for the next three years.

Cart Paths Paved

Players will notice that the new and improved cart paths on the South Course were paved last week and all turned out fantastic. The widening of paths allows for carts to pass and still stay on the paved surfaces. Frank Landis, one of our employees, has years of golf course construction in his background and we all benefit from his excellent work. Notice the rock wall on the cart path from 12 green toward 13 tee on the South. Nicely done Frank!

Please Obey the Cart Signs

It appears there are more carts being driven too close to the greens and tees recently. We ask that players please follow the signs and refrain from driving your carts close to the greens and remain on the cart paths near the tees. One of the most common damages to turf is caused by too much compaction and cart traffic creates that impact significantly.

Stop Pushing your Shots

A pushed shot is one that flies straight and to the right. If you have problems with pushing your shots, you might look at ways to correct it. First of all, make sure your alignment is proper and you are not aimed to the right. The most common cause of a push is from shifting your weight to your back foot and not getting it back to the forward foot during the start of the swing. If you keep your weight back your arms will swing out, and the ball goes to the right. To correct the push, make sure your weight gets back to your front foot at the start of the downswing. Hitting some practice shots with your feet together will help develop the correct feel for shifting your weight.