Thursday, December 02, 2021

Ask people what they want

| October 27, 2021 1:00 AM

I apologize about no signs for the City Council. And me getting COVID was no excuse! Everyone knows I am superwoman and should have sailed through it. I will say this we have awesome police and fire people. My wonderful daughter called them to check on me. Thus, when they took me to the hospital, I was not a happy camper. Our little hospital was great and announced that I have covid! It was like being hit by a truck. That is another story as I did research Logan, which is named after Logan Pass, but still do not know what they want. Supposedly, taking over other hospitals in the state, but that is another discussion. Is it money and greed or compassion?

Now back to the city council. You will not see any signs with my name. I know that I do know more about this city and how it operates than the other candidates. I was one of the people who put together the growth policy. We tried to get the public involved, but they didn't till we were done and at that time we made some changes, because of them. I guess I did not realize how much we have to spell out the information so that we are all on the same page. This city has been ignoring the growth policy in many instances, yet the public hasn't. It was great seeing how many people used the growth policy against the development at the base of Big Mountain.

I have worked with the affordable housing program in Santa Cruz. There are ways to make it work. It is not an easy task!

Do you want to know why Californians move here and build because it is cheaper and our building codes do not go overboard like the California codes do, but they also have earthquakes!

Do you know what you want in the city of Whitefish? We only learn when we ask questions.

Judy Hessellund is running for Whitefish City Council.