Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Recent hotel proposals are not for the community

| October 6, 2021 1:00 AM

To Whitefish City Council:

I have been a resident of Whitefish, Montana since 1986. I am a Montana born citizen. That is something that not many can say that remain in Whitefish. I have to say what I see happening in the Flathead County, and especially in Whitefish, is very disturbing. Big money comes in and it seems that developers and investors from California and other states are coming in to develop and change our small town. None of them live here! They are only here to make a profit.

They do not have the concerns of the effects of our small community. But yet, the City Council continues to give these entities approval of their subdivisions which has made rent unaffordable for the blue collar residents and service workers that provide the vital work to the community. I absolutely oppose any more development, especially the downtown boutique hotel. I understand that is a vision of the city planning, but how many years ago was that?

As you all know businesses are not able to sustain the current influx of tourists as it stands now. The existing hotels cannot offer full occupancy because of lack of employees. So, you are going to create more hotels which will only stress the employment and housing issue already? I have addressed the council before, but no response. Will this also be heard on deaf ears or will the Whitefish City Council look beyond to those who are not part of our community and look at the future of Whitefish which will represent the foundations of the community.

I felt I needed to express my thoughts as I must say the heart of Whitefish has left, as I will leave as soon as I can.

Cora Arnold, Whitefish