Saturday, April 10, 2021

DECA competitors make their mark at state conference

| March 24, 2021 1:00 AM

Whitefish High School students recently competed in the 2021 Montana DECA Career Development Conference.

The conference was held virtually this year due to COVID-19.

For the virtual competition, students were given one take to record and upload presentations that involved different scenarios and solutions in different marketing, finance, hospitality and management events. Judges scored the presentations with the top three competitors advancing to the international conference, which will be held virtually in April.

Whitefish had 10 state champions in six events, who advanced to the international competition.

Apparel and Accessories Marketing

4.Rya Hirsh, Whitefish

Business Finance

1.Grayson Butler, Whitefish

2.Niko Hunter, Whitefish

Business Services Marketing

3.Emma Trieweiler, Whitefish

6.Tanner Harmon, Whitefish

Food Marketing

3.Niko Hunter, Whitefish

4.Highland Lee-French, Whitefish

Hotel and Lodging Management

7.Lucy Lower, Whitefish

8.Montana Hayes, Whitefish

Human Resources Management

2.Maile Vine, Whitefish

3.Kiefer Adams, Whitefish

5.Sara Gunlikson, Whitefish

Marketing Communications

8.Kendall Reed, Whitefish

Personal Financial Literacy

1.Grayson Butler, Whitefish

Restaurant Food Services Management

2.Highland Lee-French, Whitefish

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

2.Tanner Harmon, Whitefish

5.Brooke Zetooney, Whitefish

Principles of Business Management

6.Cody Berry, Whitefish

7.Grace Sebby, Whitefish

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

5.Linnea McCrady, Whitefish

6.Ainsley Scott, Whitefish

8.Maci Safir, Whitefish

Principles of Marketing

4.Montana Hayes, Whitefish

Community Awareness Project

1.Lauren Brown, Emma Shaffe and Mariah Smith, Whitefish

Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research

1.Kathryn Rossi and Maile Vine, Whitefish

Integrated Marketing Campaign (Services) 1.Jack Alton and Lily Boyles, Whitefish

International Business Plan

2.Addie Oehlerich and Sofie Saurey, Whitefish

Start-up Business Plan

6.Mason Genovese and Charlie Hyatt, Whitefish

Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making

3.Niko Hunter and Emma Trieweiler, Whitefish

5.Nia Hanson and Sydeny MacIntyre, Whitefish

Marketing Management Team Decision Making

1.Kiefer Adams and Cody Berry, Whitefish

Sports and Entertainment Team Decision Making

3.Cody Berry and Barrett Scott, Whitefish

Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making

5.Sara Gunlikson and Reagan Retz, Whitefish

6.Kiefer Adams and Conner Kelly, Whitefish