Saturday, April 10, 2021

FVSEF holds Club Championship races

| March 17, 2021 1:00 AM

The Flathead Valley Ski Education Foundation held its Club Championship races recently for members ages 6 to 13.

More than 80 racers from the All Mountain Rangers and Development Teams participated with ideal snow conditions for racing on both days. A two-run Giant Slalom race was contested Saturday on Hellroaring/Ed’s Run and head-to-head Parallel Challenge Races were staged on Nice Day Run on Sunday.

The Flathead Valley Ski Education Foundation is a nonprofit community-based organization that promotes athletic, academic and personal excellence for Flathead Valley youth through participation on the FVSEF Ski Team. In addition to the All Mountain Rangers and Development Teams mentioned above, FVSEF also fields teams competing as U14s, U16s, and U19s within the Northern Division of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association. The Northern Division includes all of Montana and parts of Wyoming and South Dakota. Top level Northern Division racers qualify for Western Region championships later this month.

For more information about FVSEF, contact Tim Hinderman at 406-885-2730.

Flathead Valley Ski Education Foundation Club Race

Giant Slalom on Hellroaring/Ed’s run

All Mountain Rangers

Under 12

Combined times

Holden Hadidi M 1:23.16

Evie Heitz F 1:24.19

Ava Reed F 1:24.34

Cristiano Wright M 1:28.87

Levi Reed M 1:37.31

Elsa Shigo F 1:38.80

Liesel Klein F 1:40.68

Juliya Beck F 1:40.68

Harlie Fischer F 1:42.37

Ava Hall F 1:47.58

Run 1

Kinsey Bergman F :47.77

Under 10

Combined times

Makena Hanchett F 1:23.39

Blake Ruta F 1:24.87

Nolan Shaw M 1:26.33

Ellie Ward F 1:27.65

Ellie Palmer F 1:28.28

Sawyer Schneider M 1:30.18

Luke Rothfuss M 1:31.33

Gianna Beck F 1:31.97

Lily Dotter F 1:32.72

Lillian Perisho F 1:34.42

Sierra Nelson F 1:37.29

Garrett Keim M 1:41.01

Pride Briggs F 1:44.19

John Walker M 1:47.70

Van Lee M 1:48.89

Claire Wigginton F 1:49.34

Mason Feed M 1:52.71

Arthur McINtosh M 2:43.78

Run 1

Cameron Burnham M :45.22

Henry Begman M :49.08

Shea Eaton M :50.56

Under 8


Madeline Burton F 1:22.27

Riley Ralston M 1:22.70

Lucy Love F 1:23.62

Stephan Hadidi M 1:26.18

Frederick Hoppes M 1:29.15

Cadence Ackerschott F 1:35.42

Reagan Sivanish F 1:38.06

Edmund Dickson M 1:38.39

Jude Petro M 1:40.96

Violet Hoppes F 1:42.38

Colton Brown M 1:44.19

Zoey Du Lac F 1:46.23

Walker Dofrman M 1:46.88

Rowan Berney F 1:49.96

Scout Foster F 1:52.64

George Dickson M 1:54.29

David Wigginton V M 1:55.41

Skylie Fischer F 2:00.35

Olivia Nelson 2:01.49

Zach Hall M 2:07.27

Emma Dotter F 2:08.26

Elaina Lozar F 2:08.46

Griffin Blazer M 2:15.61

Grant Reed M 2:32.06

Laird Averill 1:31.07

Run 1

Audrey Bergman F :59.58

Development Team


Under 14

Braden Hoover M 1:12.07

Kylie Boldgett F 1:12.49

Otto Klein M 1:14.15

Guinevere Tomblin F 1:19.03

Gavin McReady M 1:24.55

Under 12


Cassius Keim M 1:11.88

Wyatt Nadeua M 1:11.91

Kira Paatalo F 1:14.40

Aysllin Johnson F 1:15.26

Thomas Airhart M 1:15.99

Sarah Loran F 1:16.46

Rylan Hoover M 1:16.60

Hazel Remley F 1:17.53

Lola Zinser F 1:17.88

Duncan Degroot M 1:19.02

Avery Retz F 1:19.78

Lillie Goom F 1:20.37

Dynalea Tomblin F 1:21.11

Lauren Gibbs F 1:21.81

Andre Gibbs M 1:27.12

Kiersten Blodgett F 1:29.96

Run 1

Sydney McPhie F :32.89

Ace Lee M :42.62

Preston Anderson M :47.19

Under 10


Colter Bengtson M 1:13.14

Soren Lund M 1:17.11

Kessa Drendel F 1:21.65

Louis Groom M 1:22.28