Saturday, April 10, 2021

Supports Downen for FEC board

| March 10, 2021 1:00 AM

As we near the trustee election for Flathead Electric Cooperative, our community electric utility, I write this letter in support of Jay Downen, who has served on the board for more than a decade. Jay has been a driving force for needed changes at the utility and has also worked to keep our rates low and our power supply reliable.

In addition to his career in the energy industry representing Montana’s electric cooperatives, Jay has been a strong advocate for Flathead Electric to be Montana’s leader in renewable energy development. This is deeply important to me in both my professional and personal life as I have spent my career in support of long-term sustainable energy policy. Since Jay has been on the Flathead board, the utility has developed a community solar program, a landfill gas facility, a wood biomass project, two local hydroelectric deals, and encouraged electric vehicle usage in the Valley.

Jay has encouraged the utility to make many prudent decisions for our community’s power supply, which has kept our rates well below the state average. On the heels of the recent energy catastrophe in Texas, Jay’s thoughtful approach to our power supply issues shows me he’s committed to ensuring the utility continues providing reliable service to all its members.

For these reasons, and because I believe Jay to be a strong voice for our community as we work to meet our energy needs in responsible and affordable ways, I hope you’ll join me in voting for Jay Downen.

Katie Wallace, Whitefish