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Increase in garbage fee undue burden

| December 22, 2021 1:00 AM

I am concerned about the latest proposal being reviewed by the Whitefish City Council for bear-resistant trash and recycling containers for all Whitefish households, which will almost double our current trash fees per household. Why should those of us who respect the trash rules by keeping our bins secured in the garage be penalized because of those who do not? For single households that don’t have a garage, they should be supplied a bear-proof container by the city.

The City of Whitefish could also be more proactive in response to trash bin complaints before taking the extreme step of universal bear-proof trash and recycling bins.

Granted, the large round, dumpster-style bins in alleyways throughout downtown and surrounding residential alleyways should absolutely be replaced with bear-proof bins as they are so flimsy that bears can and do knock them over regularly.

However, I strongly disagree with replacing all residential containers because of those who cannot take personal responsibility. As far as recycling is concerned, forcing every resident to foot the bill for recycling containers is a poor option.

I would think that with the huge influx of newcomers and tourists into our city, and the tax revenue that follows, our city should be able to orchestrate a workable solution that won’t financially burden our year-round residents unduly. We aren’t all made of money. Many of us work hard to support our families.

Carolanne Wright, Whitefish

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