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Bulldog speech finishes strong at Polson

| December 22, 2021 1:00 AM

The Whitefish speech and debate team earned third place in sweepstakes points at the Polson Invitational last weekend.

Several Whitefish competitors placed at the meet adding to the point total for the team. Columbia Falls earned first place followed by Frenchtown in second at the meet.

“I feel this winter break could be a real turning point for the team,” Whitefish coach Sara Mueller said. “We’ve still got to up our game in several areas and get some consistency in competition, but we’re ready to put in the work for January. We have some strong senior leadership that is beginning to pay off.”

Whitefish is set to compete again on Jan. 15 for its home meet.

Individual results:

Policy Debate: 6. Niko Hunter and Evan Barberis, 7. Gavin Carmichael and Alex Losee

Public Forum Debate: 2. Addie Blackaby and Zoe Tremper, 5. Jayce McDonald and May Rowles

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 7. Ella Walker

Impromptu: 4. Zoey Marzo, 6. Zena Bonds

Extemp: 1. Emma Trieweiler, 7. Sydney Garcia

Original Oratory: 4. Zoey Marzo

Dramatic Interpretation: 6. Gabby Pickert

Humorous Interpretation: 4. Emma Trieweiler

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