Friday, January 21, 2022

Tester has forgotten Montana

| December 15, 2021 1:00 AM

Senator Jon Tester recently published an opinion article indicating that he was creating jobs and lowering costs, but he is doing just the opposite. We are still paying farmers not to farm, and now we are paying everyone not to work. Many small businesses have shut down because they do not have workers and inflation makes us all poorer by the day.

He ended by saying he is proud to have worked hand-in-hand with Republicans, Democrats and their leaders. Having been a Montana state representative and senator, I know by personal experience that he did not work with Republicans when he was in the Montana Senate, and it is very evident that he does not in Washington D C.

Tester has had the unique opportunity to stop much of the damage done to Montana by the Biden administration. He could have used his precious vote to negotiate because he could make or break a tie vote.

The Keystone pipeline, which was helping Montana and Canada recover from the present drought, was in Tester’s back yard. Jobs and businesses have disappeared, and crime (the city of Missoula reported an alleged rape by an alien) is increasing as a result of 2 million illegal aliens, many with Covid and other diseases.

Tester has forgotten Montana and has chosen to support and promote crazy spending ($1 trillian is $3,300 for each person when divided by the present population) made available by printing money which raises prices on everything which is obvious in the cost of gas and food. Printing money, borrowing, and selling government bonds causes inflation which will eventually bankrupt our country. China has been buying our bonds for years and will eventually be in a position to buy the bankrupted United States without firing a shot.

— Verdell Jackson, Kalispell

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