Sunday, September 26, 2021

Support sound judgment of Whitefish School Board

| August 25, 2021 1:00 AM

Our local ICUs are filled with COVID patients, some of them on ventilators and some may die. Yet, the Montanans for Health and Family Rights proponents are risking the lives of our children by opposing masking in schools. Their bullying incivility revealed at the recent Whitefish School Board meeting does not support objective decision-making. They cannot be allowed to force their dangerous practices on anyone, especially children.

A large poster on the MTHFR Facebook page spouting that public schools cannot mandate masks, perform temperature checks, nor promote vaccines includes a misspelled word. Society follows numerous mandates such as wearing seatbelts and low-speed limits in school zones. What’s different about vaccine and facemask mandates that also save lives? As sentient human beings who can read and write, we must take a stand against these know-nothing bullies with lethal messages.

Who funds this toxic organization that should be censored for promoting anti-science behaviors proven to harm? Are you supporting their businesses? Isn’t it time to reject them and their lies? Many of their Facebook postings are volatile videos spewing misinformation.

Protect all the children and our threatened board members. Defend truth, public education, and our democracy.

Dr. Betty Kuffel, Whitefish