Friday, May 14, 2021

Recycling mess

| April 14, 2021 1:00 AM

During my recent visit to deposit recyclables at the location next to the snow lot (the future home for 'affordable or workplace housing?) I was saddened to see yet again, the mess there. If you choose to recycle, please keep the following in mind:

To all homeowners, property owners, businesses, visitors, snow-birds, seasonals and guests:

Please take care and be mindful of this facility. Your garbage does not belong here.

There is no receptacle for clamshell plastics, take-out boxes, styrofoam, used diapers, clothing or glass. Please take those to the landfill. This location is not the landfill. We are on the honor system here, be that decent human being doing the right thing.

Please place only the specified recyclable items into the correct containers. If you have any doubt, read the signs. Your cardboard boxes go into the cardboard bins please break the boxes down first so that they will fit. Metal cans and allowable plastics (again, read the signs people!) go into those designated bins. If you have brought something not belonging here, please do not dump it alongside or behind the containers, take it to the landfill. If your personal trash container is full, find a legal alternative.

I had a nice conversation at the recycling site with a visitor last week from out of state. This person was glad to see that Whitefish had a recycling dropoff site. This visitor told me that the recycling information was posted at the rental they were staying at. They were disappointed that glass was not recycled and they had a case of used wine bottles to get rid of. Bravo to that property owner! May others do so, too!

I have been recycling for over 50 years. Let's all keep Whitefish clean. If we don't take care of our recycling center, we'll probably lose it. Earth Day is in a few days. Let's remember it everyday!

Skeeter Johnston, Whitefish