Several vie for spots on WLGC board, annual meeting scheduled

| September 9, 2020 1:00 AM

WLGC Board Candidates

This year will see a crowded field for three open board positions on the WLGC Board of Directors. Sarah Fitzgerald and Karen Hill are both vying for the seat being vacated by Jessica Tucker. Six Tier One male members are vying for the two spots being vacated as their terms expire for Rick Billuni and Dow Powell. Those gentlemen running for the board are, Dr. Ron Miller, Dennis McConnell, Sean Tucker, Scott Ringer, Eric May and Ken Dortch all whom have been long term members at WLGC. We appreciate the strong field of candidates willing to volunteer and serve the Whitefish Lake Golf Club for the next three years.

Voting for Board Members

Ballots for early voting will be available in the Golf Shop starting Saturday, Sept. 19 along with brief bios from each of candidates. All Tier One members are eligible to vote for the candidates and are encouraged to exercise their option to elect the newest members to the board. The elected candidates will serve for three years on the board.

Annual Meeting

The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Whitefish Lake Golf Association will be held on Oct. 3 with a 9:30 a.m. starting time. Reports will be presented from the various committees, plans for future projects, financial snapshot for year to date and the election of new officers will be completed at the meeting. Please contact either or the Restaurant at 862-5285 if you plan to attend so we can plan accordingly. There will not be a brunch served this year due to COVID-19, but seating will be spaced for safety at the meeting.

You can be too thin in golf

If you hit thin shots, or ones that strike the middle of the ball, you need to make some corrections to your set up. A thin shot is usually caused by trying to swing too hard or the ball too far forward in your stance. You most likely are shifting your weight back and then start the arms down too quickly. The result is your center (body) never gets back over the ball. The key to getting rid of thin shots is to make a slower transition, so that you have time for your weight to shift more to your front foot, and you are able to hit down and through the ball, because you are now centered over it. Thin to win applies to Poker not very often to golf shots.