People deserve the kind of government they get

| September 2, 2020 1:00 AM

People deserve the kind of government they get.

Many, if not most, of us middle-class, retired folks have our futures secure. Houses are paid off, have little debt and some income stream. Not wealthy, but doing OK. Many of us don’t support the direction our politicians are taking, but are unable to do much about it except vote and make a small contribution here and there.

Our younger generation and our imports from all over the world have been reared on European type socialism that bankrupts much of Europe.

That younger generation will continue to vote themselves out of a job, a home and a decent lifestyle because they have been taught that other people should be forced to carry their load. They will be affected by this folly long before it reaches my peer group. I don’t worry about the collapse of Montana because those who will suffer first and suffer worse are the one who elected incompetent socialists. Perhaps as these electors are waiting for their dole at the food bank, they might ask how they got there, realize their errors and unelect the liberal politicians.

In the meantime, most of my peers will continue to grow their own veggies, hunt and fish for meat and die happy. I hesitate to say this, but take a look at the Golden State California if you dare to see where Montana will be in a very short time if the younger generation continues their ways of voting.

Mike Higgins, Whitefish