Williams has knowledge, skill, ability to serve Montana

| September 1, 2020 1:00 AM

It is with great confidence that I endorse Kathleen Williams for the US House of Representatives. Having served with Kathleen in the Montana Legislature, I have seen her in action and witnessed her knowledge, skill, and ability to serve the people of Montana.

Kathleen demonstrated leadership in the Montana House of Representatives. She understands the arcane tax laws and policies related to revenue projections and budgets. She is a recognized expert in natural resource management and agriculture. She’s helped farmers and ranchers conserve resources and understand the implications of obscure water rights laws and regulations.

Beyond her strong technical background, Kathleen is a caring individual. Her consistent support for Medicaid expansion in Montana, her success in preventing insurance companies from denying routine care for cancer patients, and her healthcare plan which would reduce premiums and expand affordable access indicate her determination to improve the health of this nation.

From fighting for rural Montana, strengthening our educational system, honoring veterans, and advocating for Indian country, to protecting our outdoor heritage including our changing climate, Kathleen has a clear vision of what must be done. She has the experience and persistence to work collaboratively, across party lines and with diverse interests to accomplish her plan.  

I hope you will join me in giving Kathleen Williams your vote in this very critical election.

Ed Lieser, Whitefish