South Course set to close for season on Oct. 17, North still open

| October 14, 2020 1:00 AM

Restaurant Temporarily Closed

Whitefish Lake Restaurant’s lunch and dinner program will be temporarily closed due to COVID-related staffing issues. Once we receive more information and guidance from the Flathead County Health Department on how best to proceed we will establish a reopening date.  This temporary closure is in the best interests of our staff, their families, membership and the community we serve.  The Clubhouse bar will remain open to serve our golfers in a grab and go service for snacks and drinks during the interim.  We all wish our affected staff and their families the best and hope to see all our loyal customers as soon as possible.  

South Course Closes

This year WLGC will close the South Course on Oct. 17 and leave the North Course open as long as the weather allows, or to the end of the Month, whichever comes first. It has been a busy year at Whitefish Lake Golf Club with member play up considerably over past years.  The crew will be busy getting the course ready for the approaching winter and renovating the cart path on number 8 South as well as a small section on 17 South. Tree roots are the primary reason for cart path issues that cause the paths to be bumpy and in need of regular repair. Cart paths are an ongoing maintenance issue that requires attention just as streets and roads.  

Be Precise off the Tee

When you line up your tee shot always pick a target such as a bunker, tree, or other feature in the distance to align yourself toward. Too often, a player will simply tee the ball up, blast away toward the fairway, and hope it lands somewhere safe. The narrower your focus on a specific target the more likely you will get a positive result. As Harvey Pennick said, “take dead aim.” This is true with all your shots, so take the time the pick your target.