Glad to see change of lake name

| November 4, 2020 1:00 AM

In 1969, my husband and I bought a cabin on Beaver Lake.

While looking at a forest service map of the area, I noticed the name N Lake and found it joltingly offensive. I do not remember who I wrote but received the response that the name was now being changed to Lodgepole Lake.

At Beaver Lake, I became known as the outsider who had created the change and was ribbed about it. One might guess that someone in the naming office of whatever organization later thought the subsequent change to Lost Coon Lake amusing, rather than the bland Lodgepole Lake.

We sold our cabin in the late 80s. At that time, the lake was Lodgepole Lake, but I never verified that name on a map. I am glad to see the now official change to Lost Loon Lake. Bravo petitioners.

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Eva Wetzel, Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada