WLGC still hopeful for summer tournaments despite pandemic

| May 27, 2020 1:00 AM

Tournament schedules

As we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic the golf course staff is cautiously optimistic that the major tournaments for 2020 will still occur, albeit with some changes to normal operations. The first big tournament the Bulldog Open, junior golf fundraiser, is being re-scheduled to later in the season and most likely in August. The spring Pro-Am on June 1 will take place on the South Course with a limited number of teams and no group gathering events. With the computer program, Golf Genius, there is no need to gather around the scoreboard as the results can be accessed by personal smart phones.

As far as the Fourth of July tournament it will be hosted on the scheduled dates but we anticipate a reduced field and once again limited gathers with box lunches being distributed to the players. We further anticipate that personal travel will be limited at that point as most players may remain rightfully cautious and choose to stay closer to home. The very popular derby will not occur this year to avoid large crowds.

The member guest and club championship are scheduled for August and plans will be finalized as we move further into the season.

Post scores online

We continue to ask players to post their scores for handicap purposes online at the Montana State Golf Association website, which is both easy and accessible. Maintaining a golf handicap on the new World Handicap System is a great way to measure the progress of your game, or lately for me, the lack there of. If you plan to compete in any tournaments or leagues it is required that you maintain an equitable handicap and enter all your scores, even if you think they may not change your index.

Think low to pitch the ball

The most common fault that occurs when players pitch the ball is that they try to scoop the ball into the air. They tend to flip their hands at the last minute in an attempt to get the ball up. To hit solid pitch shots you should do just the opposite. As you come into impact, your left wrist should be straight and not bent in either direction. Let the loft of the club do its work to get the ball air born. Keep the club low to the ground for at least 6 inches past the ball and make sure you are not flipping the club. On most pitch shots I pretend my wrists are both in a cast to prevent the tendency to flip the club. Your target should be where you want the ball to land and then roll out.