Course adds online tee time booking

| May 20, 2020 1:00 AM

Cart rules with COVID-19

According to the Governor’s office golf cart use should be restricted to a single rider unless the other person is a member of the same household. This applies to both rental carts and privately owned ones. We at WLGC ask that all our cart users, members and guests, follow the guidelines as provided and adhere to the 6-foot spacing or social distancing while on the course. We will get through this eventually with all our cooperation while still enjoying being outdoors playing the game we love. The board and staff thank our members and guests for all their cooperation with the new changes in use at the course. Keep supporting our Golf Shop and restaurant through the difficult times.

Find the speed of the greens

Three putting is most often a result of not getting the speed right on lag putts. To practice controlling your speed on long putts aim for a spot on the edge of the practice green and fringe. Try to leave the ball as close to edge without going up on the fringe as possible. This type of practice will develop your feel for the speed of the greens and help you gage distance better. I would add that to have a good feel on all putts it is important to relax your arms and hands. Making solid contact requires that you keep your head perfectly still until the ball is well underway to the hole.

Online tee time bookings

The club is now offering certain tee times for booking online by going to our website, and following the link provided. The times listed are generally not the high demand tee times but offer our members and guests a chance to book without early morning calls or waiting in line. As the staff gets more comfortable and works out any glitches more tee times will be available online within the two-day limit.