Thanks for strong opening at course

| May 12, 2020 1:21 PM

Appreciate our members

The staff and board of directors for the Whitefish Lake Golf Club thanks our members for their great cooperation as we’ve opened the golf course with new regulations and guidelines for helping to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our members have respected the new guidelines without incident as we play golf with social distancing and the elimination of common touch points. I would have to say the game in some ways moves faster with one person per cart and everyone leaving the flagstick in while we putt. The reinstating the eight-minute intervals between tee times and moving to an earlier start has increased the number of available tee times each day and still allowing all us to properly maintain physical distances.

Tee time process

As the staff and board study the current tee time process we are looking at possible ways to make it work more smoothly by potentially adding an online option for certain non-high demand times. Please watch our website and member emails to learn more about this possible new option as it unfolds. We plan to maintain the early morning call in procedures to book tee times in the prime early mornings as well as the current stand in line process.

New phone system

In the next week or so we will be switching to a Fiber Optic phone operation that will allow us to be more efficient and allow golfers to know their place in line after they are in the stacking system. We will also be able to change the message on a more frequent basis to help keep our members better informed.

Back of left hand

The back of the left hand will mirror your clubface at impact as you swing the club. This is a very important concept, because if you turn your left hand or move it up or down, the clubface will go in the same direction. For chips and pitches, grip the left hand a little firmer than your right, so that it will control the club head better and lead it into impact. Another great thought to have at impact is to think of a flat left wrist. If you have a flat left wrist as you stroke the ball, the ball will fly straight.