Thank you teachers and staff

| May 12, 2020 2:25 PM

May 11 through May 15 is Whitefish Schools Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week, a special time to celebrate the people that teach and support the students of Whitefish Schools no matter where “school” is happening!

Part of the definition of SCHOOL is a place that students go weekdays for nine months each year. For the first six months of this school year, this was true, but since mid-March our school community has had to develop a whole new understanding of the WHERE, WHEN and HOW of School.

Thankfully, the WHO ... the people part of school ... has persevered. Our amazing teachers and staff have figured out how to keep “school” happening for Whitefish Students without being in the actual buildings.

The Muldown, Whitefish Middle School and High School families thank you for all you do for Whitefish students.

Family Involvement Team