Legals for May, 6 2020

| May 6, 2020 12:00 AM

No. 2540 WHITEFISH PLANNING BOARD NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The regular meeting of the Whitefish Planning Board will be held on Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 6:00 pm in the Whitefish City Council Chambers at 418 E Second Street. During the meeting, the Board will hold a public hearing on the item listed below. Upon receipt of the recommendation from the Planning Board, the Whitefish City Council will hold a subsequent public hearing for the items on June 1, 2020. City Council meetings start at 7:10 pm at 418 E Second Street in the Whitefish City Council Chambers on the second floor. A request by Big Mountain River LLC for an eight lot (17 sublot) subdivision. The property is zoned WR-3 (Low-Density Multi-Family Residential District), is located at 244, 314 & 322 W 2nd Street and can be legally described as Lots 1 & 2 Hendrix subdivision; Lot 12 Grandview in S36, T31N, R22W, Flathead County. (WPP 20-01) Compton-Ring Documents pertaining to these agenda items are available for review at the Whitefish Planning & Building Department, 418 E 2nd Street, during regular business hours or online on the City's webpage: under Current Land Use Actions. The full application packet along with public comments and staff report will be available on the City's webpage: under Planning Board six days prior to the Planning Board public hearing date noted above. Inquiries are welcomed. Depending on state-wide directives, the meeting may be held remotely via WebEx and the public will have an opportunity to comment via an internet connection. Written comments are preferred due to limitations of technology. If a live meeting is held, interested parties are encouraged to send in written comments rather than attending the meeting in person due to the public health crisis. There may be restrictions in place limiting the number of people in any given room, although accommodations will be made for public comment. Comments in writing may be forwarded to the Whitefish Planning & Building Department at the above address prior to the hearing or via email: For questions or further information regarding these proposals, phone 406-863-2410. WHITEFISH PLANNING BOARD Steve Qunell, Chair May 6, 2020 MNAXLP __________________________