Whitefish Lake courses already busy in first week

| May 5, 2020 1:20 PM

It took exactly 40 minutes for every tee time to fill last Wednesday, April 29, when the course opened for the 2020 season. The phones rang off the hook as the staff worked diligently to accommodate the requests to play. The phone system’s stacking system was on overload with lots of callers simply having to redial several times. We apologize that not everyone eventually was able to secure a tee time and hopefully that high demand will lessen so everyone wanting to play can do so. We have gone back to 8 minute intervals to better accommodate the demand.

That all said the staff greatly appreciated the fact that everyone followed the COVID-19 rules for safety without incident. We know it is somewhat different from the way the game is usually set up for play but it was great to get out there and hit the ball on a beautiful golf course with our friends at a safe distance away. Other than the fact there were no rakes in the bunkers or ball washers, one person per cart, etc., the game felt pretty much the same with the challenge of hitting greens and making putts.

Whitefish Lake Golf Club will continue to operate in the safest possible manner going forward and we remind anyone returning to Whitefish to observe the 14-day quarantine rules to help stop the spread of the virus. Keep your space, stay safe, stay healthy and continue to support each other.

A big shout out to all our employees who have also had to adapt to the changes.

Golf Shop and restaurant both open

With a move to allow our restaurant and golf shop to reopen we also remind our community of golfers, diners and shoppers that social distancing is still required. The restaurant will only accommodate 50% of the capacity and the golf shop will only allow a small number of people in the shop at any time. The Whitefish Lake Restaurant will continue to offer takeout service for those wishing to continue to enjoy their fabulous foods, but not ready to dine in.

Temperature affects ball flight

The molecules in the air contract in cold weather and expand as things warm up. For us golfers, this means simply the ball will fly further in warmer weather than on cooler days. Be aware of the effect temperature has on ball flight during your round. A change of 10 degrees will mean about a half club difference if total ball distance. So if you tend to hit your 9-iron 130 yards normally, it will tend to fly only 125 yards on cold days and up to 135 yards on warmer days. While most of us know this, we sometimes forget to calculate temperature into the equation.