Supports conservative candidates

| May 5, 2020 1:57 PM

Vote to maintain our freedom and make sure our government is fiscally responsible. provides honest information on candidates. The most effective and responsive government is the one closest to the people. It is time to turn the COVID-19 decisions over to the Montana Counties. Also, we are going to need legislators with skill and expertise in Helena. They will be required to repair the damage done by closing Montana’s economy. The liberal solution is to raise taxes and grow government which will not build a strong economy. Conservative Carl Glimm who is running for Senate, District 2 has the financial acumen. He has served on House appropriations and is an excellent choice along with Keith Regier in SD 3 (Chaired Judiciary) and Bob Brown in SD 7 (Chaired Fish, Wildlife and Parks). These three legislators along with Senators Bob Keenan and Mark Blasdel are all experienced and have the skill to deal with the funding deficit we will have as the result of COVID-19.

Conservative House candidates are Braxton Mitchell, HD 3; Matt Regier, HD 4 (chair of Judicial branch); Catherine Owens, HD5; Amy Regier HD6; Jerry O’Neil, HD 7; John Fuller, HD8; David Dunn, HD 9; Mark Nolen, HD10 (chaired Business & Labor); and Derek Skees, HD 11 (Chaired Rules Committee).

By law the budget must balance, and the choice is to raise taxes or cut spending. Please vote for conservators to cut spending.

Verdell Jackson, Kalispell