Thankful for Bullock’s leadership

| June 24, 2020 1:00 AM

Thousands of Montanans rely every day on affordable access to prescription drugs. Without it, people all across our state would suffer.

I am thankful for the steady leadership from Gov. Steve Bullock during his time leading our state, particularly on this issue. Governor Bullock has worked to make prescription medications more affordable and has stood up at every opportunity to big special interests that try to run up their own profits at the expense of everyday Montanans.

In the 2019 legislative session, Governor Bullock signed three bills to control and lower the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs, including one that cracked down on pharmacy benefit managers trying to pad the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. The governor also increased access to prescription drug disposal boxes throughout the state. We now have more locations in Montana than ever before, ensuring that prescription drugs stay out of the hands of those who could abuse or profit off of them.

Governor Bullock has proven he will always put the needs of working Montanans above special interests. I am voting for him in November so he can continue his fight in Washington to make prescription drugs more affordable for the Montanans who need them.

Sue Rosholt, Whitefish