Saturday, June 19, 2021

Fourth of July tournament still set for WLGC

| June 24, 2020 1:00 AM

Green fee play in 2020

Green fee play at Whitefish Lake Golf Club and around the valley is down over 65% compared to pre-COVID-19 numbers. Predominantly these numbers reflect the fact that the Canadian border has remained closed and other travel is down. While this trend will reflect on the bottom line of the golf course it has made it easier for our wonderful members to get tee times this season. In past years the club restricted the number of green fee, (guest players) each day but that has not been an issue in 2020. While the club will survive this year without the expected guest rounds, it does impact course improvement projects that were planned. Please remember all our locally owned businesses that desperately need our support during these unusual times. Please buy your golf equipment and apparel locally if at all possible.

Fourth of July Tournament

The annual Fourth of July Tournament is all set for next week with what looks to be a fairly full field of players. Play will be held on Thursday, July 2, Thursday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4. There will not be either the men or women’s derby, as they tend to draw large crowds which are not appropriate at this time. We are still asking players to not gather in groups and to respect the guidelines for 10 or less around a table on the deck.

Fixing divots and ball marks

It is the players’ responsibility to repair the damage they do to the course by fixing divots on the tees and fairways plus repairing ball marks on the green. Try to fix at least one or two ball marks on the green out of respect for the golf course and the players behind you. If you fill divots with the sand mix try not to overload the hole with too much sand as it is tough on the mower blades. Also, thank the staff for raking the bunkers since there are no rakes provided on the courses. Try to use your feet to smooth the area you used in the bunker.

Pace of play

One of the real benefits of one-person-per cart and leaving the flag in the holes has been an improved pace of play. To further help with pace of play be ready when it is your turn to hit your ball or putt. Begin your pre-putt preparations as soon as you get on the green. Find your line, gauge your distance, and take a few practice strokes while others are reading their putts. It does not make sense to wait your turn to begin your pre-shot routine, and it adds time to the round.