New guidelines for golf course regarding pandemic

| June 10, 2020 1:00 AM

New COVID Guidelines

The latest phase two guidelines for golf course operations now allow for two people to share a cart if they choose to do so. The Whitefish Lake Golf Club is still not putting rakes in the bunkers or ball washers by the tees and the flagsticks are to remain untouched for now. Dick Collins, Greens Superintendent, installed foam inserts into the holes on the greens to stop the ball from falling to the bottom and making removing the holed ball easy without touching the flagstick. The latest change has been universally praised by the players as it is now clear that the putt was holed. Play at the course, mostly all members, remains quite active with busy tee sheets daily. Players are reminded that online tee time bookings are available at


Takeout orders continue to be available at the golf course restaurant now with the option to place your order online and arrange for the pickup time you prefer. The menu varies somewhat from day to day but still maintains the same favorites and exceptional quality.

Rules of Golf

What if you accidentally hit your ball during a practice swing, what happens next? It all depends on where you are. If you are on the tee or the putting green and hit the ball accidentally, you must replace it and there is no penalty. However, if the ball is in play in the fairway, rough or bunker you must replace the ball and add a one-stroke penalty. If you play the ball that was moved by an unintended swing you incur a two-stroke penalty.

Hole Location Determines the Shot

With either a forward or very far back hole location it is wise to hit more for the middle of the green unless your distance control is really good. Back pins increase the chance of going over the green and in most cases leaving a very tricky pitch shot. On front hole locations, often the ball will roll back down the hill when hit too short. My take is it is nearly always best to be on the green. I can add however, the safest place to watch an amateur tournament is from behind the green as most of us over estimate how far the ball will carry.