A silver lining for downtown Whitefish

| July 28, 2020 2:16 PM

How about we change things up a bit and create a uniques business friendly atmosphere in downtown Whitefish.

I propose that every evening, through Labor Day, Central Avenue becomes “pedestrian only” after 5 p.m. Other small towns are doing this, across the country, and it appears to be very successful. Restaurants can pull tables out onto the sidewalk and socially distance. They’ll earn much more revenue while occupying all of their tables inside and out. Shops can move racks out onto the street and folks strolling can peruse the merchandise all while socially distancing.

This “pedestrian only” atmosphere is excellent for business and will create a wonderful culture with children playing, parents watching, friends visiting, tourists shopping, etc. Think about it, Whitefish, could be a silver lining!

Catherine Owens is a Republican candidate for HD5