Claim over masks is false

| July 22, 2020 1:00 AM

In response to Catherine Owens’ opinion in the July 15 edition, she stated that “we, who watch the science and know that asymptomatic and healthy people do not spread the virus.”

This is a false claim. Every credible scientific source of information regarding the virus will state that asymptomatic spread indeed can and does happen. The “division” that Ms. Owens states only exist when people create a division. Certainly she is doing so with this opinion, as others are doing so by admonishing those who are not wearing a mask or admonishing those who are wearing a mask.

It is extremely unfortunate that some have taken a public health and safety issue and turned it into a political debate. There should be nothing political about taking measures to prevent the spread of a virus that is killing multiple thousands of people that would not have died if we would have taken some common sense measures offered by qualified scientist.

The people of Whitefish elected a City Council who voted unanimously for this ordinance. This is called democracy at work.

Joe Grabowski, West Glacier