Uniting on a Climate Change Solution

February 25, 2020 1:41 PM

Recently, 90 conservative volunteers from Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) representing 30 states, including Montana, visited 72 Republican congressional offices in Washington, DC to support Carbon Dividends for addressing climate change. They explained how this incentive-based policy can stimulate innovation, protect our jobs, and also reduce emissions.

CCL understands solving climate change requires working across the aisle for lasting solutions. In 2019 the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus formed in the Senate and includes six Republicans with six Democrats, proof Congress is ready to bridge the partisan divide.

Over 3,500 U.S. economists, 15 in Montana, say Carbon Fee and Dividend is the fastest way to transition our energy sources. A rising fee placed on carbon emissions is returned to all households as a dividend, affording easy transition.

A Climate Leadership Council-funded poll found 75% of GOP voters under 40 support Carbon Dividends. But, not all Carbon Dividend policies are equal. CCL supports The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividends Act (https://energyinnovationact.org) which has 80 co-sponsors and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% over the first 12 years.

CCL thanks Bozeman Mayor Chris Mehl, Trout Unlimited Montana, Montana Ski Area Association, and all other Montana endorsers.

Here is a real solution we can all unite behind.

Alex Amonette, Big Timber

Robin Paone, Whitefish

Kristen Walser, Bozeman