Speech readies for state

by Daniel Mckay
Whitefish Pilot | February 6, 2020 2:40 PM

Whitefish had two individual champions and an overall second place finish at the Class A Divisional speech and debate tournament last week.

Grace Benkelman won memorized public address, while Bethany Barnes won informative.

Also finishing strong was Abigail Bowden, who took second in extemporaneous and impromptu, Gabby Pickert, who took second in informative, and Lucy Schindler, who took second in dramatic interpretation.

As a duo, Stacia Tremper and Sophie Tabor took third in public forum debate.

As a team, Whitefish took second behind Columbia Falls and ahead of Frenchtown.

In total, Whitefish qualified 28 entries in the tournament.

Head coach Sara Mueller said she was happy to see Bowden and Barnes defend their state titles at divisionals.

“These two competitors are continuing a line of success, as they are both the defending 2019 state champions in their events,” she said.

Now it’s on to the state tournament, which Whitefish will host on Friday and Saturday.

Mueller said she’s feeling the momentum after divisionals.

“This kind of success will give us the best opportunity to finish out the season with a strong showing next weekend,” she said. “We thank the community for their support in hosting this large tournament.”

Individual results:

Policy debate: 7. Chaz Gillette and Grayson Butler, 6. Jordan Hayes and Dash Schindler, 5. Gavin Carmichael and McKenna Ferril

Public forum debate: 3. Stacia Tremper and Sophie Tabor, Also qualifying: Muriel Mercer and Rachel Rowles; Zoe Tremper and Addie Blackaby

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 4. Elizabeth Campbell, Also qualifying: Luca Welle

Extemporaneous: 2. Abigail Bowden, 8. Bethany Barnes, Also qualifying: Sydney Garcia

Impromptu: 2. Abigail Bowden, 3. Danika Tintzman, Also qualifying: Adrienne Healy

Memorized public address: 1. Grace Benkelman, 6. Danika Tintzman, Also qualifying: Rachel Bowland

Original oratory: 5. Adrienne Healy, 7. Lucy Schindler, Also qualifying: Aidan Reid

Informative: 1. Bethany Barnes, 2. Gabby Pickert, 6. Eden Scrafford

Humorous interpretation: 8. Logan Mercer, Also qualifying: Eden Scrafford

Dramatic interpretation: 2. Lucy Schindler, 6. Gabby Pickert

Sweepstakes: 1. Columbia Falls, 2. Whitefish, 3. Frenchtown