Town Pump owes the Whitefish community an apology

| December 23, 2020 1:00 AM

The Town Pump owes the Whitefish community a very public, sincere, and heartfelt apology for the destruction of the few remaining mature trees at the junction of Highway s 93 and 40. Our Mayor and Council worked hard to develop a set of conditions for the Town Pump site that would protect the remnants of this once forested entrance to the City.

It appears that Town Pump has intentionally chosen to ask for forgiveness rather than permission; they have chosen the building site over the trees. Our community is left with concrete and asphalt, lights and corporate pollution.

At the last Council meeting Town Pump executives admitted to wrongdoing and said they wanted to make it right. Now is the time for them to come clean with the rest of the community. A virtual apology at a virtual City Council meeting is insufficient.

Here’s my suggestion, Town Pump. Take out a full-page ad in the Whitefish Pilot and explain yourselves. Don’t sugar coat it, don’t throw your contractor under the bus; own it. Next, present a robust landscaping plan that exceeds what was originally planned. Guarantee that plan with real dollars, not just words and pretty pictures. Present your plan to the Whitefish community and see if we agree with it. Ensure the long-term survival of your plantings and take this opportunity to tone down your over-lighted corporate fuel islands. And, finally, come into full compliance with your conditional use permit.

You have said you wish to be a corporate good neighbor. Now is the time to demonstrate the sincerity of that promise.

Richard Hildner, Whitefish