The power of one

| December 2, 2020 1:00 AM

Have you ever thought: “What can one person do to stop climate change?”

You can contact our elected officials, tell them that you support clean energy and ask them to endorse HR763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

The EICDA puts a fee on coal, oil, and gas where they are introduced in the market. Whoa, you might say — isn’t that going to increase my costs? Yes, over time, energy producers may pass on these fees. But,, the beauty of HR763 is the monthly dividend. The money collected from the fees is returned in equal shares to Americans to spend as we see fit, without the government keeping any.

Unless you are in a top income bracket, your dividend will more than offset any increased costs. Go to and plug in your own numbers. Even in Montana, with our long drives, many will experience a net gain.

And did I mention jobs? With the Energy Innovation Act, capital investment will surge towards clean energy creating good, well-paying jobs for Montanans. In our transition to clean energy, workers will be needed to upgrade our electrical transmission system with both capacity and smart grid technology. And, we’ll still need experienced fossil fuel industry workers for the decommissioning and cleaning up of last century technology.

Exert your power of one.

Call or write our elected officials and ask them to endorse HR763.

Angie Winter, member of CCL, Kila