Golf course open this week, restaurant next week

| April 28, 2020 12:15 PM

Golf Course open for 2020

The Whitefish Lake Golf Club opens today, April 29, for the delayed 2020 season. With the course open and safety measures in effect our members can once again enjoy some great times in the outdoors chasing their golf ball around. Players are reminded that the minimum of 6 feet of physical distancing is to be followed at all times. The golf courses are both in fabulous condition and ready for the return of all our wonderful members and guests. Tee times will be taken starting a 9 a.m. on the 862-4000 phone number. Walk ups will be handled as in the past but must remain 6 feet apart while waiting in line. The staff will alternate between one call and one walk up for tee time assignments.

Restaurant Opens next Monday, takeout continues

The Whitefish Lake Restaurant will reopen next Monday, May 4 with reduced capacity and safe guards in place. The staff will continue to serve takeout orders each evening and with the course opening will also serve takeout for golfers through the front entry during golf hours, starting today. Please plan to call the restaurant at 862-5285 to place your takeout orders both during the evening and day time for golfers.

For the South Shack use your cell phones to call ahead to 862-5218 to place an order that will be brought out to you. The phone on the ninth tee on the South will not be available.

Golf Shop Opens

The Golf Shop hours will be 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for now while only allowing six or fewer customers inside at any one time. Remember to purchase your $100 card that enables you to get discounts all year and you can spend the $100 credit at anytime. (Double Bonus)

Bunker Maintenance

During these times without rakes, players are asked to smooth the sand with their feet or club as best you can before leaving the bunkers. All of the common touch points have been removed so we ask that you use your divot bottles to fill the divots on the tees and fairways. REMEMBER: Only one person per cart unless you are with an immediate family member.

Best Ball for your Swing

A ball that matches your swing speed will offer the best results. As golf balls come in different compression levels it is optimal to get a ball that fits your specific swing. A softer ball will compress and therefore rebound more than a harder one will, giving you greater distance and height if you have a slow swing speed. Ask your golf professional for the best ball for your swing speed, it will make the game more enjoyable and perhaps save you some money.