Online videos can help golfers get in shape

| April 14, 2020 12:23 PM

Opening date for Golf Course

The opening date for the golf course remains on May 4 as we encourage everyone to continue to practice physical distancing and remain home as much as possible. Because of the later opening date all of our leagues will be delayed by a couple of weeks as well. We realize that everyone is anxious to get going so we will be in great shape once we open the doors. The board is doing all it can to keep our employees working and engaged for the coming season.

New ice machine

A new ice machine will be installed outside to allow our members and guest access to water and ice without having to enter the clubhouse. The new machine will be located by the pop machines near the scoreboard and the bagroom. Be sure to thank Karen when you get your ice from the new machine.

Support the local retail

While the restaurants have been able to operate, albeit limited to takeout and delivery, our local retail businesses like our Golf Shop have been shut down during the “stay at home” order. As a result many are going to struggle all summer to recoup. We can do our part to support them by purchasing “gift cards” in the places we plan to shop later in the season. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and deserve all our support.

Exercise and conditioning

While we are all waiting for the first tee and health clubs to open up we can also go online and watch videos specifically designed for golfers to get in shape for the season. These videos offer great suggestions to improve your swing and develop better flexibility. Be ready when the bell rings to stripe the ball down the middle of the fairway and impress your friends who are all standing at least 6 feet away.