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Libby Christian Church

Welcome to Libby Christian Church! If you are looking at coming to Libby for a visit, or to call it home, it is our hope that this is just the first stop on a journey that will lead you to join us in worship.

Weekly Service Times

Libby Christian Church
100 Kootenai River RD - Click for Map
Sunday Worship: 8:30 or 10:45

Thursday - Celebrate Recovery
5 pm dinner | 6 pm large group
7 small groups | 8 pm coffee & desserts

Chain of Christian Lakes Church
100 West Camp Road - Click for Map
Sunday from 6 to 7 pm

A Message From Pastor Phil Alspaw

If you live in the Libby area it is our hope that you don't stop investigating our church by just looking at our website, we would rather meet you face to face. If you are looking at coming to Libby for a visit, or to call it home, it is our hope that this is just the first stop on a journey that will lead you to join us in worship. If you are surfing the web and just stumbled across this page, then to you we also say welcome. If we can be of any service to you or your family, please feel free to email us, call us, stop by the office or get in touch with any of the people mentioned in this site.

I have the daunting task of telling you about us. I'm not sure where to begin. When anyone talks about their family they obviously have favorite stories they like to tell. It might be the one about Uncle Frank and the hunting trip that went terribly wrong. Or crazy Aunt Auddie and the way she always puts her foot in her mouth. Or maybe you would start by talking about the kids and all the things they've been doing. (They certainly hope you don't go too far in these conversations). And then there are the teenagers and what they are going to do with their lives after graduation. Hopefully, surrounded by your family you would share your joys and certainly you would talk about your struggles. There would be longtime family secrets as well as new memories being made every minute. What I have come to understand is that Libby Christian Church is no different than any family. We have Uncle Franks, and crazy Aunt Auddies. We love to talk about our kids and our teenagers. It is a privilege to share our joys and at times we hurt with one another.

Libby Christian Church has been around for 45 years. There is a long history, but we aren't stuck there, instead we are making new memories all the time. But I think what we would all want you to know about us is this, and it really is simple: We are a family of believers that are mutually in Love with Jesus Christ.We have had our lives changed by Him. We are waiting expectantly for Jesus to come back. We have no desire to sit idly by and pass the time comfortable with those that are around us. Instead as a family we are doing all we can to tell others about what Jesus can do for them. We are watching as new names are added to God's Kingdom regularly and loving every minute as their stories are added to those of the rest that make up this family of believers in Libby, Montana.If you would like to know more about our family and how to become a part of it, then would you do one of those things mentioned above? Please make contact with us and let us know what we can do for you.

Until then I will pray that God richly blesses your life.

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100 Kootenai River Rd, Libby, MT 59923

Regular Hours

Mon. 08:30 AM - 16:30 PM
Tue. 08:30 AM - 16:30 PM
Wed. 08:30 AM - 16:30 PM
Thu. 08:30 AM - 16:30 PM
Fri. 08:30 AM - 16:30 PM
Sat. Closed - Closed
Sun. 08:30 AM - 13:00 PM
Contact Us

(406) 862-3505
312 E. Second Street
Whitefish, MT 59937

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